Services and expertise

Web design and coding (using PHP, DHTML, ASP, databases, and many other techniques). Good design and usability. User updatable sites. Interactive sites. Web graphics. Photo retouching. Reliable, tested webhosting at the right price, by using a third party.

Adaptation of ready-made solutions such as site content managers, so that you can have a professional looking site that's easy to update, quickly, cheaply and with little learning. Many of these content management systems are open-source, and free to use, such as postnuke for a blog type site, osCommerce for a webshop. I can help you install and customize them.

Design and coding of windows applications and databases. Good user interface design. Microsoft Office automation and coding. I use VB6, VB.NET, MS Access, MySQL among other tools.

Real world technical integration. Interfacing with special hardware, such as input-output boards or instruments. Integrating with various web services. Automation.

Installation and troubleshooting software, operating systems, networks and hardware. Competent technical support.